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Manvi is a very inspiring speaker who can effectively communicate pressing issues engagingly and insightfully. Personally, I have heard Manvi speak numerous times at various events, I can attest that Manvi knows how to speak with an audience rather than at them and carries with her a wealth of knowledge in decolonized, anti-oppressive & equity-centred approaches.

Samantha Casey, University of Guelph Sustainability Office

via Manvi's Buy Me A Coffee

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Grab a copy of the new book 
Practicing Rest, Recovery, Resistance!

Written by the experienced intersectional youth climate justice organizers at Shake Up The Establishment, this book provides a guided experience for readers to explore and play with our Rest, Recovery and Resistance (3RS) framework, a spin on sustainability’s well-known slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. By making time for rest, promoting recovery from burnout, and celebrating sustained acts of resistance, this book helps to facilitate radical dreaming and imagination beyond current systems. To support progress towards actualizing shared visions for just, equitable, climate-resilient futures, this self-published organizer's manual features 244 hand-illustrated pages rich with activities and educational resources that guide readers on how to incorporate intersectionality, systems-thinking and anti-colonial practices within their climate solutions work.

Manvi served as co-editor of this book, and authored original contributions within the book as well.

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